We advise what rent is achievable in the current market place but we also advise whether the condition of your property meets regulations and is presented in such a way as to maximize its return to you.

You do need to prepare a property for rental. Small issues to you as a Home Owner can be big issues to a tenant – and if it relates to security, health or safety then there could be big implications for the for you in the long run.
So to get it right from the start for a smoother transition of the beginning of a tenancy, we have a few points below for you to consider and that we can also help arrange to be done.



Does your property meet requirements in having a safety switch and working smoke alarms throughout the property? We are able to maintain this on your behalf with credited companies taking the liability from you.
Are all the power points/ switches/ fans safe and working throughout the property?
Are all electrical appliances included at the property in a safe and working condition?



If your property is individually metered for water have you obtained a Water Compliance Certificate with adequate water saving devices? In having this done it will allow you to seek reimbursement for any water the tenants use at the property, if not Water Efficient you are only able to hold a tenant responsible for usage over a reasonable amount.

Are all taps, hot water systems etc in working condition and not leaking?



Are all the locks on the property in working condition and all the keys accounted for? You will require sufficient copies for the agency and all tenants.



If your property has its own pool have you obtained a Pool Safety Certificate to ensure it meets legal requirements? We will also need to obtain a copy to keep on file.

If your property has a shared pool we still also require a copy of the Certificate for file.

Is your pool equipment in clean & working order? Do the chemical levels balance? We suggest with pools that a regular monthly inspection is conducted to ensure the pool is always maintained, most owners take responsibility for the service and hold tenants responsible for the cost of chemicals needed, this ensures that your pool remains looked after by a professional company.



Has your property recently been pest treated? It is an owner’s responsibility to allow an annual pest treatment to be done at the property.

Has your property recently been inspection and treated for termites? This also is advised to be done annually.



Do you have proper Public Liability Insurance? We are required to be advised of your current cover as per the PO6 – Management Agreement.

Have you taken out adequate Landlord Insurance? We can arrange this for you on your behalf with companies we have previously offered to our landlords that are very reputable.



Have the carpets been professionally steam cleaned?

Has the property been professionally cleaned?

Have all gutters been cleared, trees cut back, lawns & gardens maintained?

It is always important that from the moment a prospective tenant inspects a property they are aware of what our expectations are, how the property should always be presented and how we expect it to be left when they vacate.

By having the items above attended to before a tenant moves in will create a standard that would be expected of them and will also help to attract the perfect tenant for your property.