Why Choose RentMart

When the time comes to select an agent for your investment property, why wouldn’t you choose the one that really knows how to look after your best interests?

We know there are a huge number of offices that offer owners hard to resist management fees but choosing a property manager has become a serious business.

It’s no longer a matter of simply choosing the one with the cheapest fees, because it’s usually those agents that never deliver on their promises to landlords which can in turn become a costly mistake.

You need to pick the agent who’s focus is yourself, your property and your tenants.

So why choose us?

Total energy, dedication and total professionalism, and that’s our promise!

A great property manager understands your needs and wants, and that’s why Rentmart is a 100% Property Management focused organisation.

Each member of our staff have been within the real estate/ property management industry for 5+ years and are being led by our Director David Compton with over 30 years’ experience in the property development, sales, acquisition and property management industry along with our Senior Property Manager Liz Quinn with 12 years’ experience in all aspects of the Real Estate Industry.